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How to Play?

Follow these 5 steps to get started with your first match with us:

Select a match:

Select any of the upcoming matches that are shown on the app screen

Create your team:

Do some research and show your cricket knowledge to create your Fantasy 11 within a budget of 100 credits. You can start by visiting:, here you will find all your fantasy cricket information on upcoming matches.

Join a contest:

Join any cash contest to win cash prizes or play in the practice contests for free to showcase your skills among friends and gain bragging rights.

Follow the match:

Watch the real match and track your fantasy points on the leaderboard. (This is updated every 5 minutes)

Withdraw your winnings:

You can withdraw your winnings when you touch the Rs.200 mark. Withdrawal is within 24-48 working hours. (One time verification of your banking details is required)

Step 1:

  • - Once you open the Gamezy app. You will be directed to login with your mobile number.
  • - If you have been invited by a friend or colleague, do use the ‘Enter Invite Codeâ€?option while signing up.
  • - Once you enter your phone number, you will receive an OTP number within 5 seconds. Enter the OTP to sign onto Gamezy.

Step 2:

Step 3:

  • - Clicking on any upcoming match will take you to the contest page. This will show you the various types of contests of different entry fees that are running on Gamezy.
  • - You can select the type of contest you want to join and click on the purple button which shows the entry fee. This will open up the fee structure which shows you how much you have to pay from your own pocket or how much bonus is available to you for playing the contest:
  • - You can see the various criteria of a contest before joining by clicking on the icons in blue boxes at the bottom of each contest:
  • - 6T: The total number of teams you can put in a contest.
  • - NC: Signifies that the contest is not confirmed if it doesn’t fill at least 50% of the total number of players.
  • - WD: Signifies that the winning distribution will be recalculated if the contest is not fully filled.
  • - 4B: Any number against the letter B signifies the amount of Bonus you can utilise in the contest. 4B here means 40% bonus usage.
  • - You can see the prize distribution by clicking on the prize pool amount:
  • - By clicking on the contest, you can also see the people who have already joined and the number of teams already in the contest. You can also see the teams of the other players once the match starts. This place will also show the leaderboard and points, it will show you where your team stands in comparison to other teams.

Step 4:

  • - Once you select the contest of your choice, you will be taken to the team creation screen. Here you can create you best fantasy 11 from the upcoming match as per the following combinations within the given budget of 100 credits:
  • Players Minimum Maximum
    Wicketkeeper/s 1 4
    Batsmen/s 3 6
    All Rounders/s 1 4
    Bowlers/s 3 6
  • - Once you have selected 11 players within the stipulated budget of 100 credits and fulfilled all criteria of wicketkeeper, bowler, batsmen and all rounder. You will be taken to the team preview screen where you can see the 11 you have chosen and also select your captain and vice captain.
  • - When you are selecting your captain and vice captain you will notice that there is 2x points available to the captain and 1.5x points for the vice captain. So select the players wisely, because your captain’s points will be doubled and your vice captain’s points will be multiplied to 1.5 times:

Step 5:

Managing your team:

Checking your Gamezy account:

Gamezy wallet:

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